CG Sci-Fi Blocks for Kitbashing

New 3D Model Store Opens.

We are proud to announce our new store CG Sci-Fi has now opened.  Hopefully, you’ll find the website simple, clean and familiar much like our new products that are available to purchase under a selection of licence types.  We have tried to keep our homepage simple with a clear link through to our store but also a glimpse of our latest products and blog so visitors are up to date with any current offers.  We hope you agree that the store has a clean layout with a unified rendering style for the 3d models and simple navigation, or that was our intention at least so let us know via the comments below.  Straight away we’re offering a 20% introductory discount to anyone who signs up for our newsletter and further discounts are available with our points and rewards system after a purchase.

Easy navigation in three steps.

  • We have included a QuickView feature so you don’t have to navigate away from the main store page unless you want more details.   You can easily browse through a few images of each product, see a short description and price.
  • Wishlist is a great way to identify models you’d like to keep in mind for purchasing later.  You can view your list anytime using the header link.
  • Related Products is available at the bottom of every model page as a nice reminder if you navigated away from a model but forgot to add it to your Wishlist.

Account and support.

Once you have registered or purchased a product you will find a simple Account area with various self-explanatory tabs of your details.  You’ll also find a tab for any downloads you’ve purchased and importantly a support ticket system for any queries you may have.  Each order you make can have its own support ticket to avoid confusion so we can help sort out your issue quickly.

Points and rewards.

Every 3D model in the store earns you points dependant on the price but is usually the equivalent to 5%.  These can be redeemed at checkout along with any coupon codes you may have.  We also offer hugely discounted Kits that can save you between 20% and 40% off buying the included models individually.  We really do want to encourage the use of our ranges so we can build more and expand the site into a great repository of quality and consistently packaged assets.  Our aim is to save you time and lots of money to help us develop more model ranges to expand our sci-fi universe.

A great start for 2018.

We’re very excited about the new store and the roadmap looking forward.  We can’t wait to see where we can take this sci-fi range and possibly the greatest reward would be to see these models used in all sorts of projects.  If there are elements you would like to see incorporated into the designs please comment below and we’ll do our best to include the most exciting ones in future releases.  The next few months will see lots of new ideas expand the inventory fast and we can’t wait to offer them in store.

We hope you enjoy the new website CG Sci-Fi and thank you for all your support.